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The Bus

Thanks to Fiction Form, we have some amazing digital illustrations of the bus we plan to someday purchase and renovate to offer trips unattached to school schedules. It truly brings our vision to life! If it moves you, please help us make this happen by selecting "Bus Fund" when you donate!

Key Features: 

  • Traditional school bus seating with cubbies under the seats for storage. 

  • Twelve bunks to provide a safe place to sleep in the event of an emergency or to provide safe sleeping quarters during cold weather trips. 

  • Small kitchen area for indoor cooking should the need arise. 

  • Small portable bathroom area. 

  • Potential area cutout for the storage or locking-in of a wheelchair. 

FF Poster copy.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 1.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 5.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 6.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 2.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 3.jpg
Wanderer Bus Render_Photo - 4.jpg
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